***Unfortunately we do need the Stinkin' Rules***
Before we even start let us say this, "No Pets, No Family Size Frozen Lasagnas, and No Wire Coat Hangers!"
If you bring the first two we will use the third on you.

1. Two-way radios are permitted on site, but you must stay off the staff frequency.

2. Drugs will not be tolerated.

3. ID bracelets must be worn and visible at all times.

4. Trash containers are provided throughout the site, please use them!

5. There is a recycling center outside the main hall, please use it!

6. Firearms, WMDs, drunken behavior, bad attitudes, violence, failure to realize "no means no" (unbelievable that we have to even print this), or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. WE AIN'T KIDDIN'.

7. Do not dispose of your cigarettes on the ground, butt cans have been provided throughout the site, please use them.

8. Do not move mattresses from one cabin to another, there is a fine from the park for that.

9. Remember that your children are your responsibility (and while it may take a village this ain't it) they are not to be left unattended at any time. Any who are found wandering will be jacked up on caffine, sugar and given a puppy before they are returned to you.

10. The kitchen is off limits to everyone except those working there, no exceptions. Violators will be cooked and eaten.

11. Leave your personal disagreements at home. Fighting, arguments or other rude behavior will not be tolerated. Act as if your mother was watching you (and that she raised you well).

12. No swimming in the lake, the snapping turtles will bite off your dangly bits.

13. You must work your 1hour and fifteen minutes of volunteer time at the time you committed to it at the front gate. Otherwise, you will be hunted down and made to wash all of the dinner dishes. Plus we will tell everyone you are a slacker!

14. There are two designated fire pit areas. NO OTHER FIRES ARE ALLOWED. There is a $200 fine imposed by the park for unauthorized fires and you will pay it!

15. You will receive a large trash bag at the gate. At the end of your stay, place your garbage in the dumpster outside the main hall. If you need another trash bag, just ask a staff member.

16. After 10 PM all drumming must be at the lakeside firepit.

17. After midnight is quiet time.

18. You are responsible for cleaning your cabin or campsite before you leave. Please be considerate and leave the area in the condition it was when you arrived. Better would be better. Each cabin must be swept and mopped. Cleaning equipment is available in each bathhouse. This is a posted list on each cabin for check-out duties.

19. You must be gone from the site by 12:00 Noon on Sunday, no exceptions.

20. Only service animals are allowed on site, no pets.

21. Clothing is not optional. Please keep your clothes on at all times. This event is being held on state property and we do not wish to scare the locals.

22.  Do not write on the cabin wall for Odin's sake you are not in kindergarten!

23. There is a designated fire tender, do not play in the fire, add wood to the fire, poke the fire or jump the fire. 

Violators of these rules are subject to removal from the site with no refund of fees. You might want to go back and read them again.