Amy Blackthorn- Amy Blackthorn has been described as an “arcane horticulturalist” for her lifelong work with magical plants and teaching of herbal magic. She is the author of Blackthorn's Botanical Magic. She incorporates her experiences in British Traditional Witchcraft with her horticulture studies. She his a clinical aromatherapist and is ordained. Amy’s company, Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends, creates tea based on old oil recipes. She lives in Delaware.

Green Witche's Herbal
Green Witches’ Herbal Delving into the realm of herbs in spell work can be a daunting task. Join Amy Blackthorn, author of 'Blackthorn's Botanical Magic' to discover how the most versatile herbs in your local stores, as well as your kitchen cabinet, can be used to create the outcome you desire. From sprinkling cinnamon in your wallet to draw money, all the way to which herbs can connect you with the divine.

Making Magical Oils:
This offering Rev. Amy Blackthorn author of 'Blackthorn's Botanical Magic' sets out to show how energies each carrier oil lends to magical oils and how it can enhance the magical spell oil being created. Anyone of any faith can use these techniques to further their goals. Basics of essential oils are explained, no prior knowledge of herbs required.

Aromatherapy for Religion and Ritual:
In this offering from arcane herbalist and clinical aromatherapist Amy Blackthorn, author of 'Blackthorn's Botanical Magic' we explore the ritual and aromatic applications for essential oils in our religious practice. All faiths are welcome to explore the hidden potential in their hearts and noses. From scented rosaries to the tang of fresh Florida water to the lingering odor of frankincense, all scents explored will help the student delve into the hidden realms of scent in prayer, meditation, and rituals of all kinds. Also included in this course will be a practical demonstration on how to test the quality of essential oils using household items, to know you are getting your money’s worth

Phoenix Silverstar - Phoenix has a Master of Ministry (Wicca) degree from Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary ( ), with a concentration in Education (i.e. teaching) (2016). She has studied at WSTS since 2011, and have along the way earned an Associate of Ministry degree and a Bachelor of Ministry degree, prior to the Master's degree.
She is a Third Degree High Priestess in a British Traditional Wicca tradition (Gardnerian but not Hard-Gard).
In the mundane world, Phoenix has a Ph.D in Physics from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles (1985) and also a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from there (1986).

How Candle Magick Works - Make your own Candle Spell:
This class includes · The Ethics of Magic · How to make your spell work The Law of Similarity and the Law of Attraction The Law of Contagion Religious Magic Acting in Accord Putting it all together – Make your own Candle Spell! The participants can select a colored or white candle, there are tools available for carving symbols, as well as soft crayons for coloring the symbols. There are oils available for anointing the candles, and herbs and small crystals.

Working Magic with the Runes:
This workshop covers: what the runes are, where they come from, some ways to use them, and you will take home a document with the meaning of each of the runes. We will work with the Elder Futhark. Learn how the runes were used as an alphabet, divination with runes, and how to write spells with runes, and create bindrunes, Learn the meaning of each rune. Deep dive in meditation on a rune of special meaning to you.


Willo' Wellspring - Is the HPS of a Welsh Family Tradition and Traditional coven. She has been in the craft for over 30 years. Willo’ embraced the Craft in 1984, was initially trained in Celtic Eclectic, Gardnerian, and Alexandrian Wicca. Willo' also has a deep understanding of crystals and stones and utilizes them in a variety of ways. She is a Reiki Master, a Traditional third degree, a Spiritual Counselor and an accomplished teacher. She facilitates classes for seekers and degreed individuals. She is a Green Witch whose love of everything outdoors, has led to her understanding of the usage of indigenous plants for medicinal purposes. Her knowledge of medicinal usages of plants has helped individuals devise natural remedies based on known properties for personal use. Based in Howell County Missouri she is the inspiration and driving force of the sustainable community in which she lives. She has created labyrinths, gardens, and groves re-introducing medicinal and indigenous plants on the retreat center property. She is an artist and illustrator of children’s books as well as the creator one-of-a-kind crochet products and jewelry, utilizing her unique understanding of stones and crystals.

She teaches workshops and classes on many topics year round. For more information on Willo' go to

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Alfred Willowhawk - Alfred Willowhawk, DMsc, DD is a 20-year veteran of spiritual counseling, coaching, and training. He is ordained as a metaphysical minister by the University of Metaphysics with a Doctorate of Metaphysical Science a traditionally trained 3rd-degree high priest and one of the co-founders of Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church. He is a kabbalist who has spent time at the Kabbalah Center in New York where he studied the Lurianic kabbalistic system for 5 years. He is currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University pursuing his Graduate level certificate in Psychology, with a concentration in Life Coaching, expected completion date July 2018. His passion is to facilitate people to manifest their highest potential. He has also a Reiki Master and creator of the healing system Celtic Transformational Healing. His work with men and women to embrace the Warrior of Spirit within has assisted many people over the last 10 years. He is an MKP brother and has facilitated the initiation of men and women into the Warrior of Spirit.

Alfred is the author of Warriors of the Millennium, Shadow Relationships and How to Avoid Them, Manifesting True Desires: Learning from Arianrhod and the Tree of Life, I AM Healer, Storyteller, and Warrior Priest: Learning From Arianrhod, Creating Guided Meditations for Yourself and Others, and Hawk Sightings.
For more information on Alfred go to, or

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Jason Mankey - Jasonis a Pagan blogger, author, lecturer, husband of Ari, shepherd of two cats, columnist for Witches and Pagans , and the managing editor of the Pagan Portal on Patheos. He talks about rock and roll, Pagan deities, and various aspects of Pagan history at Pagan and magic festivals across North America. His books include The Witch's Book of Shadows, The Witch's Athame, The Witch's Altar, and Transformative Witchcraft. Jason lives in California, but he's really just an old Tennessee boy at heart.


Drawing Down the Moon: The Magic & Mystery of Deity:
The ritual of "Drawing Down the Moon" has become one of the most important and essential rites of Modern Wiccan-Witchcraft, but what do we really know about it? From internal processes to the literary influence of writers such as Dion Fortune and Margaret Murray to the historical practices of traditions such as New Orleans Voodoo, this workshop is an all-inclusive look at one of Witchfraft's most transformative mysteries.

The Magick of Initiations, Elevations, and Dedications:
An initiation ritual should be about more than acceptance into a tradition; it should be a transformative moment in the life of the Witch or Pagan recieving it. From ancient Eleusis to Masonic halls around the world, initiation rites have played a significant role in religious and magickal practices for thousands of years. Explore the elements that make up the modern rites of initiation, elevation, and dedication, and the history of such practices around the world. Grow your ritual practice by exploring the power and mystery of these magickal experiences.

What's So Great About the Great Rite?
Ask your average Witch about the great rite and they'll probably respond with something about cups and athames or sex magick. But the great rite is about more than sexual coupling or half-hearted mini-rites before cakes and ale-the great rite is about the union of powerful forces, and most importantly, it's for EVERYBODY. From the great rite in truth and in token, this is a workshop about sex in the antient world, wine, magick, and more! It's all about what's so great about one of Wicca's most misunderstood and divisive rites.


Oberon Zell (“The Wizard OZ”) - is a renowned Wizard and Elder in the worldwide magickal community. He was the first to apply the term “Pagan” to the newly emerging Nature Religions of the 1960s, founded the first legal Pagan church (Church of All Worlds—, and published the first Pagan magazine, Green Egg. In 1970, he had a profound Vision of the Living Earth which he published as the earliest version of “The Gaea Thesis.”
Oberon creates altar figurines and jewelry of Gods and Goddesses, mythical creatures, and magick symbols. He is the author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard; Creating Circles & Ceremonies; The Wizard & The Witch; and other books. He is Headmaster of the online Grey School of Wizardry, which he founded in 2004 ( In 2018 he spent three weeks in the exploring Mayan ruins, and a month in presenting workshops on Quantum Consciousness and participating in Mayan ceremonies. In November he attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto. Oberon is currently on Walkabout, driving around the country to meet with people

Adventures of the Wandering Wizard
“Not all who wander are lost.” (J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring)
A world traveler to mystic and archaeological sites: New Guinea, Peru, Hawaii, Australia, Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico, Yucatan, Guatemala, and ancient sites throughout Europe and the Aegean. He will share stories and lessons of these adventures. Oberon will talk about Wizardry, Quantum Magick, the Awakening, the coming 2020s, and 50 years of modern Paganism: “Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?” Bring your questions to ask the Wizard!

Cycles and Seasons of Gaean Emergence
Earth-centered spirituality has awakened in 60-year cycles going back at least to the Italian Renaissance of the 1480s. In each of these cycles, certain common themes emerged—foremost among them being a recurrent resurrection of classical Pagan elements in the arts, poetry, music, literature, drama, ritual and spirituality. And the Return of the Goddess was a major focus of artists and poets, who claimed Her patronage as Muse. Now, in anticipation of the next cycle in the 2020s, the Wheel is turning again, and consciousness of the Goddess is re-emerging throughout the world. What can we expect this time around?

Awakening into Quantum Consciousness
The Gaea Thesis asserts that our planetary biosphere is a single vast living organism, known to all peoples as Mother Earth. Such a complex entity must also possess a concomitant global consciousness, which many feel is on the verge of Awakening. But is Gaea really the greatest level of consciousness beyond our own? How many layers of consciousness are there? The latest developments in quantum theory suggest that nothing above the level of the primordial quantum field has any physical reality at all. Rather, biocentrism and simulation theory propose that the world of our experience is an emergent and evolving simulation, much like 2nd Life, or the Matrix, in which we temporarily animate very realistic avatars. Only consciousness itself is truly real and eternal. Let’s consider the implications…for magick, theology, and immortality.


Eric Withakay - Is a 31 year old local heathen. While I've been involved in a couple of heathen groups I am a solo practitioner who believes in honoring the gods through how we live, more than through study or ritual (though they are important aspects).

He is The single most powerful Asatru diety we know the least about. That said, who is he? With practically nothing to go on from the lore we do have, Heimdall Heimdall's role in the Norse pantheon is vague, though clearly important. This class will analyze in detail what we do have to go off of and extrapolate from there. This is not a class to answer questions. It's a class to get you to ask them.


Angela Kaufman - Angela Kaufman is a Certified Intuitive Consultant, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Empowerment Coach and LCSW. She is passionate about blending the mystical and mundane to help women at the crossroads redefine themselves and create fulfilling lives. She is author of Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down (Conari 2018). Angela has co-authored three of Wicca, What’s the Real Deal? Breaking Through the Misconceptions (Schiffer, 2011), Sacred Objects, Sacred Space; Everyday Tools for the Modern Day Witch (Schiffer 2012), and The Esoteric Dreambook; Mastering the Magickal Symbolism of the Subconscious Mind (Schiffer 2013). She also writes spiritually based social commentary and is an activist for the rights of humans and animals.

Queen UP!:
This workshop will teach modern women to reconnect with their powers of creativity, and to embrace the four core powers within as personified by the Queens in the Tarot. You will gain tools to align with abundance, love, passion, confidence, and intuition. Learn how to tap into your talents!


Michael Wilson - is a Tennessee native who practices Germanic Polytheism. He is a founding member and Gothi of Raven Moon Hearth, a Heathen tribe in the Greater Nashville Area. In the past he has taught workshops at PUF and various events and festivals.

Odin Blót Ritual:
Odin Blót is a ritual designed to honor the Norse God Odin. Join us as we honor the All Father!


Rose Hawley - is a long-time practitioner of the Western Mystery Tradition. She has worked heavily with the Golden Dawn system, both officially and unofficially. She has an initiatory lineage, from her teacher, and his teacher, an initiate of William Gray (Sangreal Sodality). She is the founder of the Temple of Ma’at, a teaching vehicle and private Temple in Knoxville, TN, and the proprietor of The Tree of Life Intuitive Services, offering a variety of intuitive services utilizing Tarot, Kabbalah, Astrology and Spiritual Alchemy. She has been teaching/providing seminars for more than 25 years on a variety of topics, and also reads Tarot professionally.

Intro to the Tree of Life:
An interactive workshop on the Tree of Life, the central glyph of the Jewish Kabbalah, a spiritual road map for your personal journey to the Divine. Learn about developing your subtle bodies and awakening new modes of consciousness through the Tree of Return

Ritual Magic: The LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram):
This class provides a demonstration of the ritual, as well as discussion on the different branches of the Western Mystery Tradition that employ this ritual. Discover the meanings and associations of the Hebrew GodNames to each quarter, as well ancient influences on Jewish thought. Learn how to adapt it to your own practice, and new and evolutionary ways to approach the philosophy behind the ritual.


Bruce Barnes - has been studying arts and crafts his whole life and now teaches people to create their own works of art. A Nashville native and this will be his first-time teaching at PUF, and he loves making the trees and hopes you will too.

Construction Wire Trees:
Come learn the art of wire twisting in order to create a visually arresting and fabulous sculpture of your own. There is a cost for materials for this class, $25. This is a 2 part class so the trees can cure.
If you have charms or stones you would like to add to your tree, bring them.

Eric Olson – started drumming when he was 7 years old on a drum set that was modeled after Ringo Starr’s kit. Little did he know the future the drums had for him. Eric went to classes and learned the basics. He has been in several bands and has several recordings. However, the allure of the stage lights went away and he took a break from drumming. Then he discovered the spirituality of drumming and now he teaches others how to find that connection.

The Journey of Rhythm:
Take a journey that spans two different worlds. The first part of the journey, the Outer Journey, will take you to West Africa as you learn rhythms from Guinea, Ghana, and The Ivory Coast. Learn the different parts of the African songs and what those songs mean. Then, come back across the pond to join in the American Drum Circle. The pulse is the same but there is a different Rhythm. For the second part of the journey, the Inner Journey, you will travel inside yourself as you find Rhythms that will work with different Chakra energy points within your body. This journey from the external to the internal world is a fun, energetic, impactful, and connecting experience. Not only do you connect with others through Rhythm, you also get in touch with your own Rhythm and express it in ways that will open you up to new possibilities. Pack your Drums, you’re going on a trip with Rhythm Healer Eric Olson!