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Pagan Unity Festival is a privately owed event.
We reserve the right to deny admittance
in order to keep the Unity in Pagan Unity Festival.

PUF General Store
All the items you forgot to bring: soap, toothbrush, shaving creme, batteries, ice, deodorant, socks, feminine hygiene products, sunscreen, bug spray, condoms, feast gear and more!

Beloved Viking Vinyl
is a Heathen/Viking based sticker company. BVV sells viking based stickers, hand worked leather products, and pagan jewelry handmade. Look for the Viking A-Frame tent when visiting PUF! Bumper stickers, wall quotes, or alter crafts!

The Fairy Odd Mother
Where Fairy meets Shaman, Elf's meet Wizards, where all Magickal things can be found from every realm and imagination.

Gypsy's Wands
With hundreds of woods in the world for wands come hear how each has their own magical properties and which should be used where.

Goddess and the Moon
Offering book, incense, oils, candles, clothing, statues and more.

Anne's Gifts
tie dye - fun, functional fashion

Earth Elements
offers a wide variety of products, such as herbs, healing stones, natural teas and essential oils. We also offer handcrafted gemstone jewelry and bath and body products. Clothing that encompasses the Goddess in all women. Also custom capes, cloaks, ritual robes, and clothing for Men in Titan size.
Higher Vibes Jewelry
is hand-smithed sterling silver and fine silver jewelry set with healing stones. Stephanie Powers is a silver smith and PMC specialist. She is in tune with the stones and crystals and works with their energy to create each piece uniquely to each stone. She does commissioned pieces as well specifically for your personal healing.
Irons in the Fire
is the husband and wife team of Chuck Webb and Elizabeth Randles Webb. Elizabeth is an intuitive reader specializing in Channeled Writing and Oracle Cards,and Chuck will be offering handpainted Pagan handicrafts. We will have a little bit of everything to feed the soul and nurture the spirit!
Gretchen's Apothecary
Created out of my love and passion for Essential oils & Aromatherapy, my hope is that my passion for my products is passed along to anyone that uses them. I make Beard Oils, Inhalers & 4oz Custom Essential Oil Blend Sprays. I accept Cash & Credit Cards.

Hags Rags and Dragon's Jewels Handmade cloaks, capes, gowns & ritual robes, everyday festival wear, and natural gemstones set in silver, collected from around the world. Providing that which is unique and beautiful for every woman's Goddess within..

Baubles, Balms & Baskets
Skin-and-soul-loving soaps, salves and bath products, with beautiful baskets made with wild crafted materials.
Rain's Obsessive Stitchery
An eclectic store of luxurious and practical treasures, too many to list. Passionate about custom work, Rain is a Nashville artist, crafter and curator of pagan, tarot and goddess inspired goods and gifts for everyone.

Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate the unique culture and practices of Witchcraft, Paganism, and all Universal and Earth-based spiritual paths. We strive to provide our clients with unique, rare and hard to find items. We deal in both manufactured and handcrafted products. If you don't see it ask, we will try find it.

Steam and Lace
is a Steampunk inspired shop. They offer Steampunk and upcycled creations. They have everything from jewelry to clothing. Whatever their muses inspire them to make!


My Road to Wellness Bryce currently works out of the Dunn Chiropractic offer and has his own private practice as well. He will be offering massage while at PUF, it's the perfect way to relax after a long day of shopping.

Wolfs Moon Forge
is a small blacksmith shop located on the edge of South Mountain state park. Its main focus is hand forged iron work and converting every day items into art. It also focuses on self sufficient living, home steading, and personal independence. We make everything from colonial candlestick holders to Medieval arms and armor. We are happy to do custom work as well. On site we have a metal and fabrication shop, small farm, an old world blacksmith shop, bee hives, garden, and much more.“

Herbs, Stones and Bones
Dan has worked at becoming a master of all things he wants to do, so in his pursuit he has made a lot of cool things ... and learned a great many things in the process ... he grow plants for a day job (hence, the herbs ) ... during his seldom downtime he goes into the forests and collects geodes and takes a lot of beautiful pictures of wildlife (hence the stones and bones ) ... He brings to you his favorites from these small adventures in his life ... it may be a box covered in pyrographic art, or bones from a recent find, or a collection of stones (bought or found ) turned into what have you ... or it may be as simple as the herbs he grows... Dan hopes you enjoy what you see, and have a wonderful story to tell him...

Mystical Gifts
When mystery, magick and loving healing energy meet blends of vintage, new and creativity, you get more than just a piece of unique jewelry or art…you get memories, legend, and lore.

Witch Crafts By Sage
Specializing in the Magical Arts and the Witchy Crafts; come see what's brewing. Offering hand-crafted supplies to aid you in your magic and spellwork. Also Catch L. Thistle for tarot readings.

We have a rock vendor!
Rick's Rocks ~ Stop by Rick's for Crystals, Rocks, Bracelets & more! Support a local Rock Dude.

Old ways jewelry
is a vagabond shop making and customizing to fit in general purposes and magical purposes. Also having wands, walking sticks, and other unique items
A Stitch Out of Time
makes soft sculptures of various god/desses, Ritual Clothing, and other Textile Arts. Visit her webpage at

Unleash the Goddess
Coloring Books, Prints, Kutie Pie Art, Jewelry & Clothing


Tuatha Dea
Djembe Drums, CDs and T-shirts






If You Are Intertested in Being a Vendor for Pagan Unity Festival,
please follow this link for more information!