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If You Are Intertested in Being a Vendor for Pagan Unity Festival,
please follow this link for more information!

Pagan Unity Festival is a privately owed event.
We reserve the right to deny admittance
in order to keep the Unity in Pagan Unity Festival.

The Fairy Odd Mother
Where Fairy meets Shaman, Elf's meet Wizards, where all Magickal things can be found from every realm and imagination.

The Enchanted Hourglass- We specialize in hand etched glass, handmade jewelry, wood boxes,period clothing, capes, robes, Inkle weaving, totes, and more.

Gypsy's Wands- With hundreds of woods in the world for wands come hear how each has their own magical properties and which should be used where.

La Buona Vita
Caterina is an Ama Deus and Reiki Master as well as a skilled Rootworker and soon to be Life Coach. Creator of Oils, Incense, Baths, Washes, Waters, Mists, Mojos, Poppets, and much more!
Taking into consideration the day of the week, the time of day, and the phase of the moon, Caterina's products are hand crafted for the specific needs of clients. La Buona Vitas aim is to Craft the very best and most powerful products to help everyone “Live the Good Life”.

Higher Vibes Jewelry is hand-smithed sterling silver and fine silver jewelry set with healing stones. Stephanie Powers is a silver smith and PMC specialist. She is in tune with the stones and crystals and works with their energy to create each piece uniquely to each stone. She does commissioned pieces as well specifically for your personal healing.

Anne's Gifts - tie dye - fun, functional fashion

Earth Elements offers a wide variety of products, such as herbs, healing stones, natural teas and essential oils. We also offer handcrafted gemstone jewelry and bath and body products. Clothing that encompasses the Goddess in all women. Also custom capes, cloaks, ritual robes, and clothing for Men in Titan size. Natural Vibez from Ohio will be bringing Chakra Gemstone Wire Wraps,  Healing Gemstone Jewelry, Crystal Skulls & Original Orgonite Creations!
BudRocks- We start with a rock, some wire, a handful of beads and create one of a kind jewelry pieces.  We offer hand cut cabochons, wire wrapping, bead weaving, chain maille, Viking knitting, glass fusion, silversmithing and enameling. Allison sews, wraps things in wire, and plants things. Weird creatures made from scraps, resin and metal jewelry, seedlings, botanical things, and who knows what else. Also a graphic artist, she designs all sorts of things, including the PUF website!
Here at Amanastia Designs, we try to give you the very best products that you will happily use for years to come. We offer a nice selection of pre-made items and custom orders as well. Stop in and see us, you never know what you will find till you do! Good Energy Massage
Paul Hull, a native Tennessean and Licensed Massage Therapist, is happy to give some added rest and relaxation to the PUF experience. His techniques include Swedish, Acupressure, CranioSacral, Mayofascial work, Deep Tissue, Trigger point work, and Reiki. The massage will be tailored to the clients needs and wants at the time of the massage.
Draconis Arcanum and Front Porch Conjure welcome you to explore deeper into the world of witchcraft and folk magic. Come browse our selection of books, herbs, curios and gifts. Featuring products by Dryad Designs and Quadrivium Oils.

Good-N-Smelly Custom Aromatherapy

Come by for your Bug Be Gone & other custom aromatherapy blends made by Master Aromatherapist Star Bustamonte

Mystic Rings of Time will be providing a unique and diverse selection of products for ALL Spiritual paths. We are working with individuals and small companies to bring our customers unique items handmade by Witches, Pagans, Wiccans, and Spiritualists. 

At most events we bring a large selection of leather journals, altar, ritual items, wooden boxes and chests along with various other items.

Baubles, Balms & Baskets
Skin-and-soul-loving soaps, salves and bath products, with beautiful baskets made with wild crafted materials.

Yhwh Enterprises
Rocks/Crystals & Gemstones

PUF General Store
All the items you forgot to bring: soap, toothbrush, shaving creme, batteries, ice, deodorant, socks, feminine hygiene products, sunscreen, bug spray, condoms, feast gear and more!

Dragon's Gaze Fire Troupe is a fire performance troupe out of St. Louis, Missouri. When we aren't spinning fire, we are crafting shinies. We make fabric practice poi, wrap pants, faerie skirts, dream catchers, handmade books, drawings, paintings, rag dolls, key fobs, and even paint on you. We love to create beauty be in through fire or through craft. Come visit us and find your fire!

Spiral Fae Accents is the combined work of husband and wife team Mitch and Amber Shineman. Their mutual love for creating beauty from raw materials has allowed them to live their nomadic dream for the last 5 years. Focusing largely on leather masks and gemstone jewelry, but often with other sparklies too! They do custom work too!

Mystical Gifts brings laughs, love and fun...oh, we also have a wonderful arrangement of one of a kind handmade jewelry, gemstone jewelry and other handcrafted works; toss in figurines, such as dragons and fairies. Joining this year will also be Aura Paintings by John Madsen.
Beloved Viking Vinyl is a Heathen/Viking based sticker company. BVV sells viking based stickers, hand worked leather products, and pagan jewelry handmade. Look for the Viking A-Frame tent when visiting PUF! Bumper stickers, wall quotes, or alter crafts!
Steam and Lace
Steampunk and upcycled creations
Hags Rags and Dragon's Jewels provides unique and beautiful items for every woman's Goddess within. Handmade cloaks, capes, gowns & ritual robes; imported everyday festival wear; silver jewelry with natural gemstones collected from around the world.

India Trunk Sale
Bringing India to you®

Traveler to find and import exquisite jewelry, exotic beads, accessories, linen, apparel, handicrafts, worship idols, pooja material, new age, tribal and bohemian art. Designed and crafted by banjaras (gypsies) and artisans in India.

Prudence Priest, author of three books and a magazine, and Romuva Ambassadress to the USA, will be selling her wares as well as Baltic Amber, jet & bronze jewelery bought annually in the Baltics near her home and temple in Romuva village near Vilnius.

Author Melissa Anderson will be selling her books.
The Pagan Temple and Store of Arkansas



Treasures Stones & Crystals is a Multi-Cultural gift shop from Manchester, TN. We sell a wide variety of gift items. We sell jewelry, amulets, talismans, drinking horns, goblets, mugs, tankards, Wind chimes, trinket boxes both tiled and wood carved, tapestries, Athames, too many awesome items to name. Stop by the Big Purple Tent!


LBS' Ceramics will be bringing
new work, including cauldrons
owl mugs, whisky jugs and
more! All are hand made in
her home studio and fired to
stoneware temperatures.
She's accepting custom
orders until early April, so
don't delay and contact her